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Menopause Demystified - The 2020 Guide to Menopause

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“We spend a lot of time in the healthcare profession teaching women how not to get pregnant. Then we teach them how to have babies, and possibly we teach them how to breastfeed. But that is where the lectures end.” — Dr. Tara Allmen,
CurieMD Medical Advisory Board Member

Did you know, 80% of doctors aren't comfortable treating or even discussing menopause? It is no wonder that women have unanswered questions during this pivotal phase of life. Written by the team of midlife health experts at CurieMD, "Menopause Demystified" aims to provide women with a clear account of how to navigate midlife health and sets the record straight on which therapies do and do not work.

In Menopause Demystified, readers will find:
- An overview of what happens during menopause and its context in a woman’s life
- How to recognize the signs and symptoms of menopause/perimenopause
- The short and long term effects of menopause on the body
- A deep-dive into the most up to date treatment options for managing menopausal symptoms and midlife health

Ultimately, our mission is to help women thrive throughout midlife and beyond. For those looking for a free desktop version of the book, look no further than Also, feel free to visit us at if you have any questions on midlife health or want to connect with a midlife health physician to discuss treatment options that are appropriate for you.

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