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Connect With a Menopause Doctor in San Bernardino

Ready to feel like yourself again? Meet CurieMD, your online clinic for menopause care. Our team of doctors are licensed in California and can prescribe bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other effective menopause medications over the phone or via video appointments.
Let’s talk about your menopause symptoms and the best treatment options for you. Treatments typically range from only $33-49/month.
Book your online appointment today and we will waive the fee!
“A total game-changer, ladies! This has completely transformed the quality of my life. My mind and body are back in sync and I feel like I did 20 years ago.”
Susan, 51

How Our Physicians Can Help You

Our physicians are midlife health experts who will explain why menopause can trigger symptoms, discuss possible increased health risks, and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you.
Hot flashes and night sweats
75% of women experience hot flashes at some point. Our physicians can prescribe effective FDA-approved medication.
Estrogen therapy has been shown to dramatically improve both quality and quantity of sleep for menopausal women.
Weight Gain
Weight gain during menopause is common but not inevitable. Bio-identical hormones can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
Our physicians can discuss treatment options that may reduce your risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

CurieMD’s Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower women in midlife to take charge of their health and vitality. We do this by providing education, awareness, and access to midlife health specialists, as well as prescribing FDA-approved medications when appropriate.