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Frequently Asked Questions

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Physician Visits

What is telemedicine?
CurieMD's telemedicine platform that connects patients with board-certified physicians and practitioners through video chat and audio calls. Our initial visits are done over video chat, but follow-up visits can be done through other modes as well.
Who will I be meeting with?
How long is the appointment?
How much does an appointment cost?
Can I choose my doctor / practitioner?
What is the frequency of check-ins?
Will this replace my primary care physician?
Do you accept insurance?
Who should I contact in an emergency?


Can I get medication prescribed through telemedicine?
What types of prescriptions do you offer?
How do I get my medication refilled?
Why can’t I just get this prescribed by my primary care physician or gynecologist?
How can I contact my pharmacist?
Can I return my prescriptions?

Additional testing

Do I need my mammogram and blood test available for the first visit?
What if I haven't gotten a mammogram yet?
Why are blood tests required in order for me to be prescribed hormone therapy?
Which blood tests specifically are required for all those who wish to continue on HRT?
Where can I get my blood test completed?
I don't know how to get a copy of my mammogram report. What should I do?
Do imaging centers / blood testing laboratories accept insurance?

Hormone therapy

What is hormone therapy?
Why does hormone therapy help?
What is systemic hormone therapy?
What are the benefits of taking systemic hormone therapy?
Is systemic hormone therapy safe?
Does estrogen hormone therapy cause breast cancer?
How is vaginal estrogen different from systemic hormone therapy?
What are the benefits of vaginal estrogen?
Is vaginal estrogen safe?
What are Bioidentical Hormones and what are they made from?


What are hot flashes?
What are night sweats?
Irritability and feeling blue
Decreased libido
Increasing belly fat
Vaginal dryness
Pain with sexual intercourse
Brain fog and trouble with memory
Fine wrinkles and thinning of the skin