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Jun 11, 2020
Meet the Doctor: Leslie Meserve, MD

Even as a child, Leslie Meserve knew she wanted to be a doctor. She was 24 when she earned her medical degree, but it wasn’t until later that she found her true calling. “When I hit...

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May 28, 2020
Behind the Curtain: What It’s Like to Have a CurieMD Appointment

From her office in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Leslie Meserve joins me on a video call. She’s dressed in a pink blouse; her white lab coat hangs on the door behind her. An exam table...

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May 12, 2020
How Smart Grocery Shopping and Nutrient-Dense Meals Can Help You Get Through Perimenopause (and a Pandemic)

If perimenopause and a pandemic have one thing in common it’s that we want them both to be over. And if weeks of stay-at-home orders have seen you replace hot yoga with hot buttered bread,...

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May 12, 2020
From HRT to Intuitive Eating and Body Image: How a Health Coach Approaches Menopause

You might think that doctors and health coaches are more prepared for menopause than other women, but even the “experts” can be caught off guard by their menopause symptoms and the shifts that happen both...

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May 06, 2020
6 Tips for Moving Beyond Stress Eating During the Pandemic—and For Good

Craving comfort foods? Overwhelmed by meal planning? Believe us—you’re not alone. For women in midlife, who may be dealing with symptoms of peri- or full-on menopause, alongside a lot of responsibilities caring for others, both...

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Mar 26, 2020
Doctor-Prescribed Self-Care

Self-care is one of the most important topics I discuss with all of my patients. Here are six tips I recommend to my patients, friends, and family for staying mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy during...

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Mar 04, 2020
Exercise Not Working Like It Used To? Menopause May Be To Blame

You are sticking to your exercise plan and are also eating the same foods. And yet, you're gaining weight, mostly around the middle. You may have developed new lumps and bumps of fat where there...

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Jan 29, 2020
Recognizing the Symptoms of Menopause

You're tired, irritable, moody and generally feel off. Sometimes you wake up drenched and have trouble concentrating on routine tasks. And unlike PMS, this condition persists. You're not going crazy and you’re not alone. Gwyneth...

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Jan 02, 2020
How to Lose Weight During Menopause

Did you know the average woman gains 1.5 lbs per year during the transition into menopause? Weight gain during midlife may be common, but it’s not inevitable. Menopause spurs various physical and hormonal changes within...

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Oct 01, 2019
Some Surprising Changes Related to Menopause

When we think of menopause, we tend to think of the caricature version of a woman sticking her head in the freezer or desperately fanning herself to survive a hot flash. While hot flashes are...

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Sep 09, 2019
Your Strongest Health Advocate - Yourself

As a primary care provider for the past 20 years, my goal has always been to be the very best advocate possible for the health of my patients. That being said, I also know that...

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