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Jun 11, 2020

Meet the Doctor: Leslie Meserve, MD

Meet the Doctor: Leslie Meserve, MD

Even as a child, Leslie Meserve knew she wanted to be a doctor. She was 24 when she earned her medical degree, but it wasn’t until later that she found her true calling. “When I hit 40 a few years ago,” she says, “something really shifted. I realized I’m the only person who has control over my life and my career.”

Today, as chief medical officer and co-founder of CurieMD, Dr. Meserve spends her days helping women optimize their health in the years that lead up to menopause and beyond. The primary care physician, wife, and mother of a teenager and a tween became a menopause specialist after realizing what many women begin to understand in their fourth decade: Life is short and there’s no time to waste feeling unhappy.

As a physician at a busy concierge practice, Dr. Meserve loved working with her primarily female clientele, helping them manage their health and wellness concerns. But she felt rundown and ragged, unable to take care of herself the way she wanted her patients to take care of themselves. 

At about the same time, Dr. Meserve began to experience early symptoms of menopause that left her feeling suboptimal. Namely, hot flashes were disrupting her days, night sweats were keeping her from getting good sleep, and decreased libido was affecting her relationship and her own mental health. 

It took Dr. Meserve several attempts to find a doctor who would help.

Eventually, estrogen replacement therapy provided relief from the hot flashes and night sweats. Her symptoms diminished and her energy returned. “It was through that journey that I decided this is what I want to do — I want to be a menopause specialist,” she says.

Dr. Meserve points out that medical students aren’t taught about menopause. “It just isn’t something you’re trained in as a primary care physician or even an OB/GYN. We don’t talk about it,” she says. That silence has the potential to impact upward of 42 million U.S. women ages 40 to 60.

When Dr. Meserve discovered The North American Menopause Society (NAMS), whose mission is to educate women and their healthcare providers about menopause and healthy aging through science, she felt like she’d stumbled onto a revelation. “I loved everything about it,” she says. “They were speaking my language.”

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Meserve told her husband that she was quitting the concierge practice to become an NAMS-certified menopause practitioner and go into solo practice. (“He almost had a heart attack,” she says with a smile.) When her CurieMD co-founder, Kevin Geehr, came to her in 2019 and asked if she wanted to take her expertise to a larger audience via telemedicine, she jumped at the opportunity to reach women wherever they are.

“Nothing in life happens easily for women — with menopause care, as with everything, we have to make it happen.”

“Now I get to spend every day helping women take charge of their symptoms and take control of the second half of life. I’ve found my calling and am rewriting my own story.”

To learn more about how midlife changes and hormones are impacting your life, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Meserve now.